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Firebrand International Gospel Missions Inc.

Reaching the World with His Fire!​


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Our name:

The name Firebrand International Gospel Missions comes from Zechariah 3:2 " not this a brand plucked out of the fire?" These confirms the call to rescue those who are heading for the fire and plucking them out and bringing them into the kingdom of God.


The command of Jesus is to preach the gospel to every creature and we are convinced that we are to go where the unsaved people are (Matthew 26:19, Acts 1:8). FIGM is fully committed to seeking, training and releasing laborers into every village, town, city and nation for the work of the kingdom of God.

The harvest truly is ripe and the laborers are ever so few. Nations are opening up to the gospel and Africa and Asia has now become sending continents. Europe and America are now waiting for the firebrands from Africa to arise and shine.

We aim at reaching everyone with the gospel. Initiating charismatic word based, church planting movements around the world. The basic building blocks of church planting must be evangelism which then unfolds into a church that is indigenous led, culture transforming and reproducing. Many of our church planting works utilize ministries of mercy focused on the poor and those who suffer injustice, such as children. Our prayerful desire is to release churches and leaders around the world who are longing to see whole cities changed through the preaching of the gospel.

The Core Function of Firebrand International Gospel Missions

  • Evangelism: We stress that the only motivation in the christian life is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Discipleship/Church Planting: Cross cultural church planting is at the very heart of Firebrand International Gospel Missions (FIGM). As people hear the gospel and respond to it, churches are planted, leaders are discipled, trained and sent out. Then a chain reaction occurs among their own people that reaches across their nation and out to the world. We are committed to multiplication via evangelism.
  • Campus: One out of every four persons in the world is between the ages 15 and 24. These young people are universally connected; the barriers between countries, political structures, ethnic groups and social classes are crumbling. But the key issue is that this age group are lost without Christ and their future determines the future of our world.
  • Revival: Our passion is that the church of Jesus Christ will experience a turning of the hearts of the people back to God. We hold revival meetings all over the world.
  • Churches:The churches planted by Firebrand International Gospel Missions are calledTree of Life International Churches.